If you enjoy digging into business transactions, the details of tax planning, or analyzing financial statements, our 会计 program fits your goals, 的决心 and 道德.
If you see art as a form of language, for its beauty and deep reflection of history and culture, we'll teach you how to preserve and grow collections, articulate the stories, and honor the truth expressed in art.
Biomedical Laboratory Science
Hands-on medical lab training amplifies your 技能et, preparing you for a fulfilling career focused on microbiology, 病毒学, 免疫学, 血液学, 和更多的.
Use accounting and finance principles to analyze organizational structures and apply them to business. Combined with a liberal arts 教育, you can make businesses stronger, 更可行的, and help the world economy thrive.
Communication and Digital Media
Our award-winning Communication programs are waiting for you. You could be the next journalist to inform and change people's minds, the next PR wizard who makes an organization stand out, or the next radio personality who connects with listeners.
Computer Network Administration
Solve problems and oversee function and maintenance in 组织, 安全公司, 政府, 和更多的 with your Computer Network Administration degree. Your diligence for efficiency, 注重细节, and persistence through challenges is rewarded and recognized at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app.
Data Science and Analytics
Numbers tell stories but not everyone speaks the language. As business moves deeper into the digital age, the need for curious and talented data scientists and analysts rapidly grows. Does data speak to you? Join this state-of-the-industry program and see where data can take you.
Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Study at a University dedicated to health sciences 教育 and improving lives. Learn from experienced faculty who are passionately dedicated to their students.
Early Childhood 教育
Whether you want to guide the 发现 and learning of toddlers in childcare or second-graders in a classroom, you can have a profound influence on youth. SAU gives you the the 技能 to educate and the 信心 to ignite a world of wonder.
Whether you've realized your life calling is working with youth or decided to pursue a second career or degree, our 教育学学士 program lets you focus on just the courses you need. 在分, you can reach your teaching goals faster.
Epidemiology Microcredential
This microcredential focuses on building either quantitative or qualitative 技能 to improve health and social services systems and programs via action-based-研究.
Our 法医心理学 program ties the classroom to the world, and you'll thrive through experience. Intern as a victim advocate. Guide a former inmate through programs and resources. Or, 研究 patterns of crime. 在分, your 教育 amplifies your impact in the world.
Human Performance and Fitness
If you're passionate about wellness, helping others achieve their highest potential, and approaching health and 健身 with holistic 信心, then you'll want a degree from St. galaxy银河娱乐场app in Human Performance and Fitness.
Issues and challenges are opportunities to transform the world. Our 国际研究 program emboldens you with the 教育 and 技能 to navigate and influence global policy, improve conditions in third world countries, or teach internationally. It's a broad 教育, full of new experiences, so you can discover your passion and become a force of change.
在分, we believe effective leadership must be synonymous with ethical leadership. Our 管理 program prepares you to launch a small business, 管理零售连锁店, or guide teams within a multinational Fortune 500 company. Set the example others will follow.
主 of Business Administration
Our MBA program can prepare you to be an innovative business leader who motivates and inspires others and surpasses all professional goals.
主 of Physician Assistant Studies
Whether you want to provide primary care to residents in rural America or work in hospitals in underserved communities, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has a program to help you achieve – and exceed – all of your goals.
主 of Science in 信息rmation Technology 管理
Whether you are an IT professional who wants to advance into corporate management or a business professional who wants to move into IT, we offer a unique and rare MSITM program that can help you achieve your goals.
主 of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
We teach you the 技能 to improve the speech – and lives – of others. 在分, our two-year MSLP program allows you to complete your degree quickly without shortchanging the experience.
Multimedia Journalism
Journalists witness the world. 他们也会分享. 在分, you'll learn the art of balancing facts, perspective, and personal stories. You'll build your 道德 and creativity, and gain the 写作 and technical abilities to inform readers and viewers in a thought-provoking manner.
本科 of Science in Nursing
If you are energized by helping others and want each person to experience their best, 健康的生活, in our nursing program you'll gain the 技能 and 信心 to impact healthcare and the lives you touch.
In today's fast-paced world, offering flexible online learning opportunities allows us to bring our person-centered psychology program to all students, regardless of location.
Whether you aspire to be a leader in politics, 法律, 政府服务, or within a public agency, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has a program to help you achieve your goals.
In our psychology programs you'll dive into the study of human behavior and emotion to gain the knowledge, 技能, and compassion to identify strengths and honor the perspective of each person you meet.
By exploring cultures and environments, you learn to navigate the many facets of crime, 贫困, 和不平等. 在圣. galaxy银河娱乐场app, our 社会学 program helps you understand our broad world and the forces that shape life. It's an 教育 that empowers your 信心 and action.
Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Public Relations is a broad and exciting profession that can make a difference, build bridges among 组织, is responsible for media relationships, and protects brand reputations in every industry. If your desire is to shape and influence how people engage with brands, 组织, 和媒体, your career path into public relations should begin at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app.
Trauma-信息rmed Care Microcredential
Students will learn about the neurological, 心理, 生物, and sociologic 研究 around trauma in order to work 活跃的ly to prevent adversity while promoting resilience in others through inclusive, 移情作用的, and compassionate interactions, 政策, 和实践.
Our bachelor degrees in 艺术与设计 and 艺术教育 will challenge your creativity and elevate your 技能, allowing you to explore and perfect your craft.
Behavioral Neuropsychology
Discover the 生物 meaning behind behaviors, delve into 研究 with your classmates, and help solve the mysteries behind the mind-body problem. Start your journey into this cutting-edge field at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app.
If you are an artist with a passion for working with diverse materials, the Art major with a 书的艺术 concentration gives you a unique opportunity to excel at what you love and gain 技能 that are highly-desired within the field of graphic arts.
You are great at selling. 为什么不茁壮成长?? With a business sales degree from SAU you are poised to receive more job offers, start at a higher-than-average salary, 和更多的 quickly achieve sales goals.
Computer 信息rmation Sciences
We offer bachelor's degrees in 计算机科学, Computer Network Administration, and 网络安全.
Massive data breaches or dangerous cyber attacks are becoming more frequent. Why not fight on the front line in defense of cybersecurity and data integrity? Our tenacious faculty stay versed on the latest 太ls and trends and built a strong curriculum to provide the 太ls, 技能 and resolve you'll need to win the day (and a great job.)
Digital Media Production
If you aspire to produce a TV program, rock the airwaves as a radio personality, or report breaking news for a major network, 你需要技能, 道德, and drive to navigate an ever-evolving media landscape. 在分, you'll gain that 教育, and so much more.
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Direct your compassion, 的决心, and desire to solve problems toward a rewarding career in physical therapy. The SAU Physical Therapy Department is comprised of a doctoral program and an Orthopaedic Residency program.
If your ambition is to cultivate young minds, share your enthusiasm and love for learning with children in their formative years, SAU will prepare you to reach – and exceed – your goals in the classroom and in life.
Whether your dream is to advance the field of avionics, design clean energy wind farms, or create new assistive technology so people can live more 活跃的 lives, Mechanical and Industrial 工程 programs at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app can put your plans into action.
严格的,是的. 奖励,绝对. If you're passionate about wellness and helping others achieve their highest potential, a degree in 运动科学 is for you.
Whether you aspire to work for a major advertising firm, create small business websites, or direct the visual voice of a magazine, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has a graphic design program that will exceed your needs.
Industrial 工程
Whether you want to create more efficient manufacturing processes, increase product quality for consumers, or oversee worksite improvements, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app will challenge and support you.
Justice, Diversity, and Gender Studies
We believe 教育 should strengthen your dedication to create a better world. Our Justice, Diversity, and Gender Studies program focuses on diverse issues and action. 通过galaxy银河娱乐场app, 公民参与, and meaningful internships, you'll become a vocal advocate and a world-shaper who thrives – and helps others thrive, 太.
As our global marketplace expands, businesses and economies continue to evolve. 你也会的. With a 市场营销 degree from SAU, you'll learn how to catch the eye of consumers, 火花销售, 建立一个品牌.
主 of Organizational Leadership
Make a difference and create real change at work, at home and in your community with the 主 of Organizational Leadership program.
主 of Public Health
Be part of the change and earn a 主 of Public Health (MPH) degree online at St galaxy银河娱乐场app. Our high-quality and meaningful health sciences programs turn your passion and inspiration into action. Get started on your 硕士 degree today!
主 of Science in 刑事司法
With a focus on analytics, 资料解释, 犯罪分析, our 主 of Science in 刑事司法 degree will get your career going in the right direction.
Mathematics and Statistics
Whether your goal is to analyze statistics, teach math to young minds at the middle or high school level, or delve into the burgeoning field of data science, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has an outstanding Mathematics program that can help you succeed.
圣音乐. galaxy银河娱乐场app is enriching and expressive, providing the in-depth training and experience that aspiring musicians and educators need.
Whether you live near or far, you can earn a management degree online from St. galaxy银河娱乐场app.
Whether your passion is rooted in abstract or realism, or you simply desire to share your voice through color, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app will help you grow as a fine artist so you can achieve your professional dreams.
Whether your goal is to defend clients in the courtroom or guide mergers and acquisitions, we offer a challenging pre-法律 program that will help you build your 道德 and act on your values. An Ambrosian 教育 is excellent preparation for 法律 school.
The 社会工作学院 at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app offers a BSW Dual Degree, an MSW, and a combined MSW-MBA.
Spanish and Latinx Studies
Satisfy your curiosity for other cultures with a major in Spanish and Latinx Studies. 在分, you can be a global citizen who learns from every person and every culture. Immerse yourself and see the world through new eyes, gain an edge in the job market, and fulfill your passion for learning.
No matter if your dream lies behind the scenes or at center stage, our theatre program is vibrant, 活跃的, and will help you prepare for the career of your dreams.
Pre-Professional 项目
This may be the first step you take to a career in healthcare, so at SAU, we follow your lead. Pick your undergraduate program and our exceptional faculty will provide the 教育al foundation you need to take the next step, whether it is graduate school or launching a career.
Whether you want to teach third-graders how to draw or inspire high school students to experiment with mediums, our teacher 教育 program prepares you for licensure and a successful career.
Pursue a path of hands-on exploration, develop an inquisitive mind, and impact the living world around you in our 生物学 program.
Business 项目 at SAU
道德, making positive impacts in the community, and ensuring job-ready graduates are focal points of our bachelor's, 硕士, and doctoral business programs.
With a 化学 degree from St. galaxy银河娱乐场app, you'll be equipped to investigate and impact the world with the 技能 of a natural scientist.
Why step back when you can move the world forward, especially in the field of IT? 在分, you gain the 技能 to keep business, 政府 and and society running smooth, 安全, 总是在前进. Whether you want to design mobile apps or enterprise software solutions, we prepare you for a rewarding career.
Whether you aspire to keep your community safe using the 太ls of 法律 enforcement, prevent youth from ever entering the justice system, or earn the degree needed to elevate your career, an SAU 教育 can make it happen.
Doctor of Business Administration
The Doctor of Business Administration program at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app transforms you from business practitioner into management scholar.
The School of 教育 at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app offers four undergraduate 教育 majors.
If you strive to reach beyond basic knowledge and 技能 and instead spark exploration, 发现, 信心, 和潜在的, you belong in our Educator Preparation Program. The impact you can have on the life of a student is big and multi-generational. We approach your professional 教育 in the exact same way.
Whether you strive for a career in teaching, 法律, 写作, 图书馆学, or a bevy of other sectors, studying 英语 at St. galaxy银河娱乐场app helps you acquire 技能 and gain opportunities to master your craft.
Whether you want to turn your investment hobby into a career, help families plan for retirement and college dreams, work with local entrepreneurs or even a corporation in Japan, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has a remarkable program to help you achieve your goals.
Whether you want to turn your passion for the past into your profession or seek the 技能 you need for a legal, 政治, 或者商业生涯, St. galaxy银河娱乐场app has the program to set you on a path to achieving your goals.
国际 Business
Our 国际 Business students don't look down: they look ahead. They charge into the world head-on with the 技能 to guide a corporate expansion in Asia or turn a local business into an international success. It takes strong 道德, deep respect for cultures, and the 技能 to lead in our ever-changing global economy. 在分, you'll get a bold, and broad, business 教育.
The 运动机能学 Department offers three undergraduate majors and one graduate program.
By earning your 硕士 degree in accounting, you can launch your career as a tax or audit associate with a public accounting firm, be selected for a leadership development program with a large corporation, or serve in a variety of other accounting roles for leading employers in the region.
主 of Pastoral 神学
Increase your pastoral responsibilities and ministries with the 主 of Pastoral 神学 program.
主 of Science in Exercise Physiology
Our program focuses on comprehension and application of 研究 in kinesiology to improve evidence-based practice in health care, 研究, 教育, 健身, 体育事业.
Our MSW program gives you maximum career flexibility within its approach of working with others, and the 技能 to be an effective advocate for children, 成年人, and diverse communities.
Mechanical 工程
If you view the world as having unlimited potential, love to solve problems, and envision a career of true impact, our Mechanical 工程 program will inspire you onward to advance the energy sector, improve community water systems, streamline manufacturing, 和更多的.
Maybe you've experienced the deep, emotional intensity of a crescendo, achieved perfect pitch, mastered the evolution of a sonata, or understand the magic of a grace note. In our 音乐教育 program, you'll learn how to inspire and grow the next generation of talent.
Advance Your Nursing Career Anytime, Anywhere.
Whether you want to study 法律, 行医, or increase your ability to reason and spot fallacious arguments, 哲学 is the nucleus for thought and 发现. It's an even better preparation for life.
Project 管理 Microcredential
Project management is essential to executing business strategy effectively. This 8-course microcredential includes certified Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project 管理 Institute.
本科 of Social Work
If you believe empowerment is a path for change and seek to be a force within social justice, gain the 技能 and 信心 to address social issues on all levels in our BSW program. Yes, you can make an impact, spark transformation, and move your community forward.
If you have a passion for sports, a keen sense for business and a natural talent for promotions, a sport management degree from St. galaxy银河娱乐场app will merge your ability and drive with the 技能 to manage a semi-professional league, 经营高尔夫球场, or raise funds for an at-risk youth sports camp.
In addition to being prepared to live lives of 活跃的 faith and service within faith communities, our graduates are ready to approach the challenges of the world, and their diverse career paths, in thoughtful and creative ways.
Interdisciplinary Minors
Interdisciplinary Minors complement majors by allowing students to explore an interest as well as delve further into broader subject matter.


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